Why Did We Use That Plastic?

We spend a lot of time at DeepRoot talking about the big picture of “green infrastructure,” but in order to assist in creating viable and sustainable urban eco-systems, we must actually produce products. Plastic products.

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Exciting News About Root Barriers and Water Barriers

At DeepRoot we like to keep it fresh and fun for everyone. And what is more fresh and fun than innovating our products to be more field efficient and environmentally friendly as well as meeting market demands? (OK, so I work in Operations – sue me). To that end, we’ve got some pretty awesome product… More

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Will Root Barriers Harm Trees?

For a long time, root barriers have been the bread and butter of DeepRoot’s business. We take our name from what they’re designed to achieve, and if they’re used correctly, they are an effective way to eliminate pavement and sidewalk heaving by tree roots. But can they hurt trees?

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How Root Barriers Came To Be

Recently I had a chat with an arborist who was convinced that when a street tree dies it is related to root barriers. Try as I might, nothing could dissuade him of this notion. And that got me to thinking that after all these years, the idea of how root barrier work and what they… More

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