Our mission is to create a more livable built environment, providing a high level of ecosystem services, by using green infrastructure like trees, soil, and on-site stormwater management.

Silva Cell

The DeepRoot Silva Cell is a modular suspended pavement system that uses soil volumes to support large tree growth and provide powerful on-site stormwater management through absorption, evapotranspiration, and interception.

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Root Barrier

DeepRoot Tree Root Barriers are patented mechanical guides that redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes, preventing costly root damage while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees.

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Flexible, smooth, and available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, they serve two specific purposes: Root block and invasive species control, and management of underground water movement.

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Arbor Tie

ArborTie™ is a material for staking and guying trees that is safe, soft, easy to use and less expensive than traditional tree ties. The 900 lbs. ArborTie Green and 2,500 lbs. break-strength ArborTie White stand up to fierce winds.

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Working with DeepRoot Silva Cells


DeepRoot Silva Cell Installation Guide

We have the experience to solve your challenges and ensure a successful project. Watch the installation video and download the CAD drawing or talk to our DeepTech team directly.



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DeepRoot Green Infrastructure develops solutions to enhance urban forests and surrounding watersheds in city streets, parking lots, campuses, and other heavily-paved areas. The DeepRoot Silva Cell, our flagship product, is an underground framework for containing lightly compacted soil that supports large trees and absorbs runoff from rain, increasing air and water quality, reducing energy loads, mitigating heat island effect and nurturing trees for a long life in their communities. Headquartered in San Francisco with locations in Vancouver, and London, DeepRoot has more than forty years of experience helping trees thrive in cities, nurturing over 500 blocks of urban treescape in the built environment around the world.

Our Values

The Silva Cells utilized in the Lincoln Road improvement project provide 9,000 cubic feet of soil volume for the now flourishing urban forest.
Miami’s Historic Lincoln Road
Award Winning Silva Cell Project in Miami
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