The Strand Case Study: Revamping Safety, Accessibility, and Clean Air via Green Infrastructure

– Liverpool’s famous The Strand, which runs past the historic Royal Albert Docks, will benefit from a two-part urban renewal project that includes green infrastructure throughout its highly trafficked corridor.  – Efficiency for all modes of travel – including cars, bicycles, and public transport – while centering on pedestrian safety and public health, are just… More

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Silva Cell® 13 Years, 21 Countries, 2,200+ Projects and Counting

The Silva Cell has been the gold standard for soil cell products since we pioneered the industry in 2008. Integrating trees, soil and stormwater has created a revolution in green infrastructure, bringing the environmental effectiveness of the forest to the city throughout the UK, Canada, USA and 18 other countries around the world. A critical… More

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Green Infrastructure and the 3 Cs: Alexandra Park Case Study

This is the second of a series of five featuring case studies that illustrate the need for a paradigm shift for how streets and sidewalks are designed and constructed, from the old linear view of city infrastructure to a new paradigm for green infrastructure that is based on Creativity, Collaboration, and Compromise (CC&C). This post… More

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Silva Cells Shine at Award-Winning Pike & Rose in Maryland: Case Study

– 1,300 Silva Cells help make tree health and urban forestry health central to a new sustainable development in North Bethesda, Maryland. – 40 sidewalk trees at the 24-acre Pike & Rose development have ample tree root support to grow strong, maturing for generations. – Community and resilience are at the heart of the Pike… More

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