Planning for Successful Street Trees in Arid Climates

Planting trees and other large plant material in built-up urban areas in arid climates is always a challenge. More often than not, the constraints are numerous and the opportunities are few.  When a project is initially conceived, consideration must be given to all constraints, long before preliminary design plans begin. By developing a realistic plan… More

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Historic Courthouse Square Redesign

Santa Rosa’s downtown square reunification integrates stormwater management and the planting of 86 new trees. The Santa Rosa Courthouse reunification is a long-awaited project to restore the city’s downtown square to its original layout, changing it from a space split in half by a four lane road to one continuous 1.5 acre site. The plaza… More

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Which Trees Will We Lose First? Trees Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

Trees can do a lot of amazing things, but they can’t move away when the climate becomes inhospitable. Some can adapt to changing climate, and some can’t.  Which species will be hit the hardest? The most “vulnerable” species are those most susceptible to genetic degradation due to declining populations in the face of adverse environmental… More

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