Stylish New Austin Hotel Uses Silva Cell

If there were ever a place to take refuge in Austin, Texas it would be at Arrive Hotel. The stylish new hotel features a restaurant, brews, local artist displays, and eight thriving trees. Austin’s East 6th St has been up and coming for years, and the new “low-key luxury” hotel will certainly sustain the enthusiasm…. More

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Every Day is Arbor Day… Somewhere

National Arbor Day is April 24, 2020. To honor this holiday, Ellyn Shea takes us through the unexpected history of this event, and points out that the way we celebrate Arbor Day may have more to do with what’s best for politics than with what’s best for trees. – DeepRoot The first Arbor Day in… More

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Silva Cell Stormwater Management Performance Review at University of Tennessee

In 2019, The Journal of Ecological Engineering, featured a study, “Suspended Pavement Systems as an Opportunity for Subsurface Bioretention” (Ecological Engineering 134, 2019, 39-46). The University of Tennessee’s Dept. of Civil Engineering and Dept. of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries (R. A. Tirpak, J. M. Hathaway, J.A. Franklin), partnered with the USDA Forest Service (E. Kuehler), to… More

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DeepRoot’s COVID-19 response

Like all companies, we have been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been touched both personally and professionally, and our thoughts are with everyone who has lost a loved one or is suffering from severe economic stress due to a lost job. As a company we are focused on the health and well-being of… More

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