Silva Cell Installation Guidelines Video in Spanish

Our detailed Silva Cell installation instruction video is now available in Spanish!

The full video runs about 20 minutes. If you’d rather watch it in sections, we have it broken out in to those as well.

Part 1: Introduccion
Part 2: Preparacion de la instalacion
Part 3: Preparacion para la excavacion
Part 4: Preparacion del agregado de subbase
Part 5: Colocacion y construccion de la primera capa
Part 6: Construccion de la segunda capa
Part 7: Colocacion de la geomalla
Part 8: Carga de la tierra
Part 9: Relleno del perimetro
Part 10: Agregado y armazones y llendado de la segunda capa
Part 11: Instalacion de las plataformas
Part 12: Terminacion del relleno
Part 13: Instalacion de la tela geotextil
Part 14: Colocacion de la base de agregado
Part 15: Instalacion de cordones y pavimiento
Part 16: Instalacion de la barrera para raices

As a reminder, this video is meant to be a general overview of the installation process. Individual designs may include elements or adaptations that  are not covered in the video.  Please contact us ([email protected] or 415-781-9700) to discuss the specifics of your project further.

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