Waterfront Trees and Stormwater Management, Silva Cell Projects

Reclaiming prime waterfront locations from previous industrial uses is a common, and transformative, urban development process. The opportunity to create a fresh start from industrial lands, with ideal urban locations, provides tremendous opportunities to create new neighborhoods and revitalize a city. The tree planning process for these neighborhoods is a critical element in the long-term… More

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Plastic Use in Silva Cells: A Resilient Product for a Resilient Future

– Silva Cell is made primarily of virgin plastic because it guarantees quality, reliability, traceability, equality, and strength. – Recycled plastic and virgin plastic have distinguishable differences and potential advantages/disadvantages. – Silva Cell and other DeepRoot products are not single-use plastics (e.g., water bottles, single-use face masks, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic lids), which… More

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The New Normal: A Silva Cell Case Study in Normal, Illinois

-Supporting and tripling the life expectancy of 67 trees, and helping to shape a sustainable identity for Normal’s Uptown Center: The Circle -The project won half a dozen awards and springboarded the city of Normal into a net positive economy. Halfway between St. Louis and Chicago, sits Normal, Illinois, a town of about 52,000 that… More

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Museums Host Trees With Silva Cells

Museum curators and directors spend endless hours perfecting every aspect of an exhibition to best highlight the artwork on display and provide the most enjoyable and educational experience for patrons. So it comes as no surprise that landscape architects and contractors expend equal effort to design the outdoor space and gardens surrounding museums. Trees, like… More

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A Gift Guide for Urban Forestry

When it comes to giving gifts there are so many options to choose from. It can be overwhelming and stressful. The giving pressure is on during the holiday season. To lighten the load we’ve compiled a great last-minute gift guide that help the urban forest. Below is a selection of groups to support tree health,… More

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Water and Climate Effect Soil Volume

Recently I did a post on the amount of soil it takes to grow a big tree. I challenged the notion that it takes 1000ft3 of soil to grow a big tree and promoted the more accurate formula of 2ft3 for every square foot of crown projection. metric= .66M3/M2 of CP However, this ratio is not… More

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Lisgar: From Car Parking Lot to Urban Forest Case Study

– In 2017, Toronto’s Queen West neighborhood was witness to the renovation and redesign of a parking lot into an urban park replete with green infrastructure. – The space now prioritizes community health and well-being with over 100 new trees. Thirteen of the trees are directly supported by Silva Cells. The Vision The designers, Victor… More

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Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Hello readers, Our U.S. offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. All of us at DeepRoot wanted to take the opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving (11/25), Happy Native American Heritage Day (11/26), and Happy first day of Hanukkah (11/28/21). Stay grounded and stay rooted. Whatever day you are… More

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Silva Cells at Stadiums Around the World

Silva Cells support trees and their soil while managing stormwater within a variety of landscape design projects; universities and elementary schools, housing, residential apartments, medical centers and hospitals, convention centers, green roofs, on structure, and stadiums of all kinds. Stadiums bear a massive amount of weight, accommodating tons of building material, and gray infrastructure. Tens… More

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