Installer Qualifications for Silva Cell Projects

If you’re a contractor interested in installing a Silva Cell project, don’t be misled in thinking that you must have prior Silva Cell experience. Below is a copy of the section of the DeepRoot Standard Specifications for Silva Cells that relates to Installer Qualifications. Although this exact wording may not be used in all cases, the specifications for most Silva Cell projects contain this or similar language. Here is the language as pulled directly from our specifications:

A. Installer Qualifications: Silva Cells and related products shall be installed by a qualified installer whose work has resulted in successful installation of planting soils and planter drainage systems, underground piping, chambers and vault structures.

1. Submit list of completed projects of similar scope and scale to the Owner, demonstrating capabilities and experience.

2. The installer and the field supervisor shall have a minimum of five years successful experience with construction of similar scope in dense urban areas.

3. Installer’s Field Supervision: Installer is required to maintain an experienced fulltime supervisor on Project site when work is in progress. This person shall be identified during the Pre‐installation Conference, with appropriate contact information provided, as necessary. The same supervisor shall be utilized throughout the Project, unless a substitution is submitted to and approved in writing by the Owner.

In most cases, contractors can meet the Qualified Installer requirements without having prior Silva Cell experience provided that they have related work experience. This can be done by supplying the Owner with a list of a few successfully completed projects that are of a similar size (dollar amount) and complexity. For example, projects that required the contractor to perform the same work efforts that are needed for installing Silva Cells, such as layout/grade control, excavation, compaction, installing drainage systems, plantings, and similar.

I always encourage contractors new to installing Silva Cells to read the Installer Qualifications section of the project specifications carefully, and to verify through the Owner that their qualifications are acceptable if they are in doubt.

We offer a variety of free services and tools designed to help contractors feel comfortable installing Silva Cells, including pre-construction meetings and site visits during construction.  For more information, visit the Getting Started – Contractors section of our website, where you will find additional information about:

Pat Greeley is DeepRoot’s Technical Manager.

Top photo of Silva Cells were installed at the Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley this winter. Photo: Alyn Divine

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