Silva Cell Stormwater and Design Tool Release!

Engineers, Landscape Architects, Designers, we have an exciting new tool for you!

Wondering how many Silva Cells® you need to meet your project stormwater management goals? This tool is your guide.

DeepRoot Green Infrastructure’s Technical Director Pat Greeley and DeepRoot Urban Solutions (UK) Dr. Chris Newton have created the Silva Cell Stormwater Design and Sizing Tool to manage stormwater volumes.

This tool will help alleviate preliminary design and sizing uncertainties when trying to calculate the amount of Silva Cells needed for a project. This tool grants designers the ability to input known specific design parameters. It will calculate and then output several parameters including the Design Surface Area, Soil Volume, and Number of Silva Cell units needed for the specific project.

Users can design the Silva Cell to manage a defined volume of surface water captured on the catchment. They can select the different variants of the Silva Cell® (2X or 3X units) and adjust the depths of the ponding layer and treatment media layer within the cells. Additional options include permeable paving, aggregate storage and a gravel drainage layer.

Once a design is completed, project information and contact details can be input into the sizing sheet and forwarded to your local DeepRoot Green Infrastructure, DeepRoot Urban Solutions, or DeepRoot Canada Corp Contact. From the initial design, we can then assist with layouts, drawings, quoting, supply and construction methodology.

There are two versions of this tool based by region: North America and United Kingdom

If you are based out of Canada or the U.S., please see this tool in both Imperial and Metric.

If you are based out of the United Kingdom, please see this tool in Metric.

We are very excited to share this to help in preliminary design needs. DeepRoot is already working on amendments and new versions. We will continue to have new releases of these tools in the coming months.

There is a FAQ section at the end of the tool, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have immediate questions or feedback.

Please reach out to the creators: Technical Director, Pat Greeley, [email protected], 415-746-1548 or 952-235-5155

UK Regional Rep, Dr. Chris Newton, [email protected] , 44-07510-594-341

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