Webinar: Using Trees and Soils to Manage Urban Stormwater

Webinar - Using trees and soils to manage stormwater

Due to technical difficulties that prevented some people from joining last month’s webinar with guest speaker James Urban, FASLA, on the topic of Using Trees and Soils in Urban Stormwater Management,” we will be offering the same webinar again on September 4th at 10am Pacific (please note that the start time will vary by time zone).


The treatment and storage of urban stormwater is a hot topic in the design professions and increasingly drives large scale design issues. Trees are often seen as a critical part of the design and concept, but the details of bringing together trees, urban soils, and highly controlled water flows requires training and experience that is not typically included in landscape architecture courses. Even civil engineering, a profession that specializes in taking water away from sites as fast as possible, does not always offer adequate training in how to use soil and plants to slow water and filter contaminants.

This session looks at the most frequent mistakes we are making in bringing together storm water with trees in dense urban areas. We will explore a set of “first principles” that must be incorporated before the aesthetic part of the design can be developed. These principles will fundamentally alter the aesthetic of the site and will provide a new framework for designers who are seeking to have form truly follow function. Register for the webinar here. We are limited to 500 attendees; there are no PDH/CEU hours associated with this event.  

For more videos on green infrastructure topics, please check out our “Webinars & Tutorials” playlist on YouTube.

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