Would You Pay More To Live On A Tree-Lined Street? DeepRoot Poll

We all know how powerfully street trees can increase property values. Which is all well and good when you’re the one selling the property, but how about when you’re the one renting or buying? Are you willing to shell out a little extra for the pleasure of seeing some green outside your window?

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Image: Tigger89


    • Dad,
      You are so correct!! So many cities do not have budgets to have proper maintenance of their street trees. It truly is a tragedy. I walk around San Francisco and see trees that need to have their staking removed or trees that have just gone into decline.

      Did you know the average street tree’s life is 7 years in urban environments? And that half the trees removed do not get replaced? Without proper planting techniques (good soil volumes) and using good nursery stock, we don’t give these trees much chance of survival. We need our politicians to focus on soil volumes and tree canopy coverage – rather than sound bites about planting a million trees.

      Thanks for chiming in…

  1. I’m out in the ‘burbs, so maybe my answer is not so helpful. We are surrounded by mature trees (we are a ‘tree city’ USA) and allergies aside, it’s a huge positive. Definitely better than looking at concrete. Of course, the trees are mostly on private property, so they are maintained by homeowners, not the city.

    So yeah, I’d pay a (market standard) premium for well maintained, mature trees.

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