Installation Tip: For On-Structure Sites, Use Concrete Screws

Securing Silva Cell frames to the sub-base using spikes is part of our standard installation details. It’s an important step because it prevents the Cells from shifting around and maintains even, consistent spacing between frames. 

If you’re installing Silva Cells on-structure, however, regular spikes won’t work. If there is an area of the site where the frames must be secured, one good solution is to use Tapcon concrete screws. 

This was the case at a recent Silva Cell green roof installation at Mississauga Civic Square. In this case, the Silva Cell system was built up from a concrete roof, and the bottom of the tree pits extended below the bottom of the Silva Cell system (see below). 

In order to prevent the Silva Cells on the edge of the tree pits from shifting or falling in to the tree pits, installing contractor Pave Al used Tapcon Concrete Screws. They screwed the frames around the edge of the pits to the roof using the same holes that are normally used to secure the frames to the ground with spikes in more typical installations.

Because the diameter of the concrete screw head was a little bit smaller than the hole in the Cell frame, they used standard washers to make sure it didn’t slip through.

The Mississauga Civic Square green roof was designed by Janet Rosenberg & Associates.

All pictures via Patrick Greeley.

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