Water In, Water Out

The flexibility of the Marino Cell as a shallow stormwater storage solution ensures that the system’s applications — how runoff enters the system and how it’s utilized thereafter — are nearly endless. Marino Cell has the ability to serve as a detention, infiltration, and harvesting tool, working with the site’s natural environment to wring the most benefits from that stormwater.

Common Applications

Marino Cells can capture stormwater runoff and perform on-location bioretention, attenuating the water and filtering it through the site’s natural soil environment
Marino Cells allow facilities to detain stormwater on the roof, temporarily storing it on location and slowing its flow during major storm events
Stormwater catch basins can drain runoff into Marino Cells, lowering the burden on gray infrastructure by keeping water on site and infiltrating it into the natural environment
Marino Cells can be installed beneath pervious surfaces, allowing stormwater runoff to enter the system directly at its source
Rather than whisk water away from its source location as quickly as possible, Marino Cells can re-use water for on-site benefits — including supplemental tree irrigation

Versatility in the Built Environment

The Marino Cells’ shallow design and modular versatility means that it can be integrated in just about any built environment, no matter the complexity. There are numerous creative ways to incorporate the system — and DeepRoot’s experienced staff is here to help you get the most out of the Marino Cell in your upcoming stormwater project.

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