Exciting News About Root Barriers and Water Barriers

At DeepRoot we like to keep it fresh and fun for everyone. And what is more fresh and fun than innovating our products to be more field efficient and environmentally friendly as well as meeting market demands? (OK, so I work in Operations – sue me). To that end, we’ve got some pretty awesome product announcements to make.

LB 12-2 grows up

For many years the LB 12-2 was the littlest sister of the root barrier family, constantly being teased by the UB 24-2 and UB 18-2 for her singular and linear approach to life. The LB designation stands for Linear Barrier. Because of its joiner system it could only be used in only one type of application – wait for it… linear.  Thus relegating her to the “you’ll understand when you get older,” comments from 18 and 24.

Well, we are happy to announce the 12” barrier is growing up and that by the fourth quarter of 2012 she will be known as Miss UB 12-2.

Kidding aside, we were able to update the old 12” mold design so that it will now have the same zipper joining system as the UB 18 and UB 24.  This will allow for more flexibility in the field for the UB 12-2, which is a perfect product to use in retro-fits, root prunings, and single layer Silva Cell applications.

(NB: the UB12-2 pictured above is just a sample, which is why it’s white. The actual finished product will be black, just like the other root barriers we manufacture).

Greener Universal Barriers

Previously, the UB (and formerly LB) product line was a 50% post-consumer recycled plastics.  We can now proudly say that, due to an innovative new manufacturing approach, we are able to offer a 75% Reprocessed product.  This higher percentage of post-consumer material will not change the way the product works. It will, however, help to keep costs down, and continues our mission and to do so with greener, more sustainable products.

But wait, there’s more! Not all the amazing-ness is relegated to our Root Barriers.  Our Water Barrier has also undergone and will undergo some great changes.

Water Barrier heavy duty hitters

The first immediate change is an addition of a new mil thickness to the product line. DeepRoot is now pleased to offer an 80 mil thick water barrier for the very invasive tree-like bamboos. We were asked for this product by our customers and responded to the need. We currently offer a 30” and a 36” of the 80 mil product.  If the market demands, we will bring on new sizes to accommodate those needs as necessary.

Greener Water Barrier

Finally, DeepRoot is also working on providing our customers with a 100% post-consumer water barrier material. This will likely go live in the end of the 4th quarter or being of Q1 in 2013.

We are very excited about all the upcoming changes. As updates become available we will forward them to you. We also are always interested in your thoughts on what is needed in the world of Urban Forestry. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas (send them to me at [email protected]). We look forward to continuing innovating and meeting the demands of the marketplace.

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