Video: Integrating Silva Cells & Utilities

Last month’s webinar by our Technical Director, Pat Greeley, on the topic of integrating Silva Cells and utilities was our best attended, ever, by far (far). We know how important this topic is, and the seminar was a great opportunity to share everything we’ve learned from the nearly 400 installations we’ve completed. 

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It's important to protect trees during construction

Green Building from the Outside InPreserving Trees During Construction

Today’s post from monthly guest author Ellyn Shea is about a truly important, but often overlooked, issue: protecting existing trees during construction. I’m a sucker for success stories, and this is a great one. -LM Every time we lose a mature tree, we lose those benefits. A young replacement tree takes up to 30 years… More

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The Wonderful World of Silva Cell Storage

Awhile back (actually WAY back in 2010) we discussed the how to store and how not to store Silva Cells.  I thought it might be time for a little refresher on the best practices and why it is important to follow them.

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Silva Cell Case Study: Planned Watermain Repair Winnipeg, MB

We previously took a look at how to do an emergency utility repair where a Silva Cell system is installed. Today we’ll look at how to do a planned repair. Broadway Avenue, in Winnipeg, which went in the ground in July 2007, was one of our first Silva Cell installations. Several years later, they had a planned… More

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Silva Cell Installation Pricing and Productivity

As Installation Coordinator, a big part of my job at DeepRoot is working with contractors to help make sure that they are comfortable installing the Silva Cell and to act as a technical resource when needed. Many contractors have questions about productivity during Silva Cell installations, which is what I want to talk about today.

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