Silva Cell Installation Guidelines: The Video

Man. The day is finally here. The Silva Cell installation guidelines are now available on our YouTube channel.

This should be helpful for anyone looking for detailed Silva Cell installation instructions and examples. While we expect it to be of interest to landscape architects, architects, and engineers who design using the Silva Cell, it may also be valuable for owner’s representatives, QA/QC, and other people involved with the construction process.

The full video runs just a smidge over 13 minutes. If you’d rather watch it in sections, we have it broken out in to those as well.

Part 1: Overview of the Silva Cell system
Part 2: Preparing for the installation
Part 3: Preparing the excavation area
Part 4: Preparing the base aggregates
Part 5: Constructing the first layer
Part 6: Constructing the second layer
Part 7: Attaching the geogrid
Part 8: Loading the soil
Part 9: Backfilling the perimeter
Part 10: Adding the strongbacks
Part 11: Installing the decks
Part 12: Finishing the backfilling
Part 13: Adding the geotextile fabric
Part 14: Placing the aggregate base course
Part 15: Installing the curbs and pavement
Part 16: Installing root barrier

We hope to have a version of the video available in Spanish later this year.

A quick disclaimer: this video is meant to be a general overview of the installation process. Individual designs may include elements or adaptations that  are not covered in the video.  Please contact us ([email protected] or 415-781-9700) to discuss the specifics of your project further.

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