Want Pollinators? Plant Trees

Thanks to widespread efforts to raise awareness of the large declines in bee and Monarch butterfly populations, most people are aware of the need to protect pollinators.  Monarch butterfly populations have declined 90% in the last 20 years. Bees and other pollinators are in trouble too. Primary causes of the drastic declines in pollinator populations… More

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3 Questions About Bioretention Soils and Infiltration

In March we hosted a webinar where Jonathan Page, an engineer working in Dr. Bill Hunt’s lab at North Carolina State University (NCSU), provided a stormwater engineering perspective on the design principles, treatment processes, and implementation of using Silva Cells as a stormwater control measure. Current research findings and a design case study were included in… More

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A New Tool to Quantify Nutrient and Solids Removal by Street Sweeping

Research shows that tree stormwater control measures (SCMs) provide excellent stormwater benefits. With trees, however, come leaves – and leaf litter that falls on impervious street surfaces can actually add unwanted nutrients to stormwater runoff (leaf litter provides many benefits on pervious surfaces). The contribution of leaf litter to nutrients in stormwater runoff is more… More

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At the Forefront of Bioretention Media Specifications: an Interview with Curtis Hinman

Curtis Hinman is a senior scientist with Herrera Environmental Consultants in Seattle, WA. Before joining Herrera, Curtis was faculty with Washington State University (WSU) Extension and the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, and was the University’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Specialist.  With WSU he co-designed and was lead scientist for the WSU Low Impact Development (LID)… More

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i-Tree Case Study

A Case Study in Using i-Tree on a Regional Scale

So you want to understand your urban forest better. Maybe it’s that you want to make the business case for its value, or understand where your tree canopy is strong and where it could still use work to help guide policy or budget decisions. In part 1 of this series, I gave a cursory overview… More

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i-Tree: Analyze Structure, Function, and Value of Community Forests

I meet many people in the landscape architecture community who have heard of i-Tree… but don’t really know what it does. Basically, i-Tree is a suite of tools designed to quantify the structure of a community forest as well as the environmental services provided by that forest. It can be used at a wide range… More

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