Silva Cell Case Study: Lidl Store (New Milton, UK)

Today’s blog post is actually a sneak peak of our most recent case study, and highlights a Silva Cell installation at a Lidl Store car park in New Milton. It will be available for download off the website shortly.

The open expanse of most car parks makes them unpleasant places in almost all weather conditions, whether howling wind or merciless sun.

The developers of a new Lidl Superstore in New Milton, UK, knew they wanted to have a significant tree canopy in their car park to help shade the paving, thereby reducing temperatures and creating a more pleasant environment for their customers. A recent decision by the Hampshire (UK) Council, concerned with local tree health and longevity, mandated a minimum of 20 m3 of un-compacted soil per street tree. This meant that the store developers had an unexpected opportunity to combine tree growth with on-site stormwater management using the same medium: soil.

Lhc, the site designers, realized that most typical solutions would separate tree planting and stormwater management using two individual systems, whereas the Silva Cell addressed both concurrently. They decided to use the Silva Cell to achieve both goals, and began planning for a lush canopy of trees that could also help manage the rainwater coming off the roof of the store at source.

To read the full case study, click here.

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