U.K. Soil Specification Now Available

We’re happy to share today that we have released a soil specification for the UK market. It is available for download in PDF format on our website. The spec was written by Tim O’Hare, a soils expert and the principal of Tim O’ Hare Associates, a leading environmental consultancy specializing in soil science and landscape engineering.

20 years ago, pretty much all soil was natural as dug. Now, most soils that are used in the UK have some element of blending or manufacturing from raw components, and our spec is written and geared with the realities of this market in mind. The new UK spec includes two soil types – a topsoil for a trees-only application, and a bioretention soil for a trees-and-stormwater application. This allows installing contractors to supply their exact needs to the soil manufacturer and obtain the required material. The specification can be easily sourced throughout the UK, and is not specific to one area.

We are grateful to Tim for his expertise in writing the spec. You can download the PDF on our website.

Flickr credit: Gillie

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