Three Big Magazine Article Mentions

Three magazines recently included articles about projects that incorporated Silva Cells in their green infrastructure plans. 

February’s issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News had a feature article on the Smothers Park project in Owensboro, KY.

Smothers Park & Riverfront Crossing is a five acre project that is part of the Owensboro downtown revitalization effort. A central promenade with benches, plants, bike racks and paths will span St. Elizabeth Street to Davies Street. The park will also contain an outdoor children’s museum and playground. The Silva Cells are lining both sides of Veteran’s Boulevard, the gateway street through Smother’s Park, and are providing soil volume to a total of 52 trees.

And March’s issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News had a nice feature article on the Doyle Hollis Park installation in Emerville, CA:

Finally, March’s issue of Architect magazine included a piece about the Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) Building at the University of Calgary in Alberta.

Unfortunately, only the Architect article is also available online (sad trombone).

Top image: Architect Magazine

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  1. John

    Ironic isn’t it…. This hoity toity stupidity costs the taxpaing public 80 million dollars, and after pushing out the Ohio river, cutting down magnificent old trees in Smothers park, and tearing up the entire waterfront area for years, when the Ohio came to call in 2011, they had to suspend work on it, because even though they poured enough concrete to recreate Hoover dam, they didn’t make it high enough to stay out of the way of the river. Another irony, it’s built next to the Ohio river bridge placed there by the last generation…. something USEFUL.

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