The Wonderful World of Silva Cell Storage

Awhile back (actually WAY back in 2010) we discussed the how to store and how not to store Silva Cells.  I thought it might be time for a little refresher on the best practices and why it is important to follow them.

Our Product and Site Protection Protocol reads as such (skip ahead if you want the cliff notes):

Long Version

Store Silva Cells and all components in original packaging (cartons) indoors on a pallet or skid until the time of installation. Where Silva Cells and their components need to be stored outdoors, store in original packaging (cartons) on a pallet or skid under sufficient cover to protect entire product from sunlight, snow, and rain when time from delivery to installation exceeds one week. All storage of Silva Cells and their components should occur on smooth surfaces, free from dirt, mud and debris. Do not dump or store bulk Silva Cells or their components on critical root zones of existing trees, turf areas or plants, on open Silva Cells in the trench with decks, or on Root Barrier. Provide protection including tarps, plastic and/or matting between bulk Silva Cells.

Cliff Notes

Bottom line: when storing the material, cover it. If it can’t be stored inside, make sure to tarp the product to protect it from inclement weather.

Proper storage is vital to ensure that the material doesn’t become damaged. Damaged material is wasted material – it cannot be used during the install and it cannot be returned for credit.  Also, using damaged materials can result in a voided warranty.

Recently we had a request to return material. This was the carnage that was presented to us:

This falling-over, sun-bleached, open mess is the result of not covering the materials.

We do understand that, due to site conditions such as utilities, returns may be necessary.  We try to accommodate all requests, but material stored like the above makes it almost impossible for us. So in order to maximize your money, please follow our procedures.

Proper storage!

If only DeepRoot had a very cute character like Smokey the Bear….

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