Silva Cell Practitioner’s Field Checklist

Today we’re sharing a Silva Cell practitioner’s field checklist that we created to help designers determine the most appropriate and high-priority locations for Silva Cells based on site considerations and project design goals. Remember that these are only guidelines; a variety of site factors will influence how and where this product should be used. This succinct, image-heavy, 11-page document gives an overview of some of the main areas to consider when evaluating a potential Silva Cell site:

  • Where to place Silva Cells (including planting factors to observe on site, social/community factors to observe on site, and factors to research after a site visit)
  • Design factors to consider (adjacent soil volumes, type of traffic and frequency of use, adequate dimensions, site constraints, water and site hydrology)
  • Best practices
  • Getting water in to the system (curb cut, catch basin, rain leader, pervious pavement
  • Suggested soil volumes
  • Planting areas to avoid
Silva Cell Practitioner's Checklist

Silva Cell Practitioner’s Checklist. Click this image to download.

Download the checklist here. We welcome your feedback on what you find useful about it and on what can be improved. For more information about using the Silva Cell, contact us ([email protected] or 415-781-9700) and we’d be happy to help.

Flickr credit: Spacing Magazine

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