Silva Cell® 13 Years, 21 Countries, 2,200+ Projects and Counting

The Silva Cell has been the gold standard for soil cell products since we pioneered the industry in 2008. Integrating trees, soil and stormwater has created a revolution in green infrastructure, bringing the environmental effectiveness of the forest to the city throughout the UK, Canada, USA and 18 other countries around the world.

A critical component to climate change mitigation and adaptation, we have installed in every type of environment. Whether it is a streetscape, plaza, housing, new development, transportation redevelopment, municipality infrastructure updates, hospital, convention centers, stadiums, universities, or school facilities, Silva Cell has delivered success time and again.

With 12 registered patents worldwide, Silva Cell provides the highest level of expertise, service and confidence for every project. We look forward to working with you to bring your green infrastructure vision to life. Connect with us and watch your plan take root: [email protected]


Transportation Redevelopment

Quick facts:
Canada: 10,000 Silva Cells
3-year project
30 m³ of soil volume per tree.
2,756 m³ (97,327 ft3) of available stormwater storage volume


Convention Centers

Quick facts:
USA: 1,453 Silva Cells
4-year project
9,144 m³ (322,917 ft3) of soil volume


Housing and Commercial Real Estate Development

Quick facts:
USA: 1,800 Silva Cells
6-year project
14,020 m³ (495,111 ft3) of soil volume



Quick facts:

USA: 1,200 Silva Cells
5-year project(s)
106 m³ (3743 ft3) soil volume per tree



Quick facts:
USA: 4,180 Silva Cells
154m³ (5448 ft3) of soil volume per tree
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Quick facts:
UK: 1,200 Silva Cells
5-year project
106 m³ (3743 ft3) soil volume per tree






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