Mountlake Terrace Community News Features Recent Silva Cell Installation

The Mountlake Terrace Community News website has a nice story about the April 5th Silva Cell installation at a local transit center.

The site design specified 14 total tree pits consisting of two layers of 16 frames each, or 32 total frames per tree. (That works out to about 320 cubic feet of soil per tree, not counting any soil in the tree opening itself — usually an additional 75 cubic feet or so if it’s a standard tree pit). The crew, who were fantastic, were very prepared and productive, completing the installation of three of the tree pits (up to the Silva Cell decks — so that excludes aggregate base course and paving) in an 8 hour work day.

Hats off the Mountlake Terrace community for prioritizing their trees and to Otak, who specified the Silva Cell on the site plans!

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