Minnesota Fall Colors

It has all but come and gone here in the upper Midwest, but the fall season makes living in this part of the world well worth it.  Fall conjures up so many great feelings and memories.  It is a time when you actually enjoy wearing wool socks and sweaters, get to plan Halloween festivities and be outside while it is neither too hot and humid nor too cold and windy.  But, I must say, the best part about fall in this part of the country is the trees. 

I couldn’t imagine a year without the vibrant color, the smell of fallen leaves, the crusty crunch when you walk through them, and the opportunity for leaf-pile jumping recreation (even if you’re just watching the next generation take part –I’ve  hit the ground one time too many).

Here’s a glimpse of some of the beautiful fall color we get in this part of the world, thanks to trees.  The photos are of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, courtesy of my college, Marcy Bean.  Enjoy!

Top two images: Brainerd, MN
All other images: Marcy Bean


  1. Rebecca Stevens

    But why do leaves change colors?

    • Joshua Smith

      All living cells have an optimal range, tolerant range, and point of tolerance in temperature. During the spring and summer the temperature is optimal; however during the fall as it gets colder the temperature is in the tolerant range. This causes the plant cells to go into dormancy. The type of chlorophyll that makes usuable energy in the plant becomes less abundant ( this kind is called type “A” and is green.) Therefore the chlorophylls B, C, and D are more prominent. These chlorophylls are “fall” colors. That’s about it; hope it helped!

  2. Leda Marritz

    That’s coming up next week!

    • Rebecca Stevens

      Cool! Can’t wait.

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