Mini Case Study: Using the Silva Cell On-Structure (Manitoba Hydro Building)

In 2008 one of our first on-structure Silva Cell installations was completed in downtown Winnipeg, MB, at the Manitoba Hydro building. (When we say “on-structure” what we are referring to is any installation that takes place on an existing structure, such as a parking garage, rooftop, etc.).

GreenSource Magazine just had a great feature about the Hydro building, calling it “the building that breathes.” The Manitoba Hydro building is now one of the most advanced energy-efficient buildings in North America.

The Silva Cells were installed in the building courtyard, which is situated on top of a below-ground parking garage. By installing the Silva Cells on the roof of the parking garage, design firm Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram integrated trees into an otherwise under-utilized space. The trees, nourished by the vast quantities of soil in the Silva Cell system, will help act as a wind-break, provide shade for pedestrians, and beautify an already innovative architectural site.

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