Fourth Week of April is National Streetscaping Week

That's a nice looking tree!
National what-scaping week, you ask?

The American Society of Landscape Architects is reporting that Congressman Steve Cohen (TN) has introduced H.Con.Res. 240, a resolution designating the fourth week of April as National Streetscaping Week. ASLA collaborated with Congressman Cohen to draft this measure, which seeks to recognize “the benefits of streetscaping to homes, businesses, and communities across the country.”

This may seem like a small event, but it’s an important tool to help increase awareness and understanding of the critical role that thoughtful street design plays in all of our lives.

Like most successful design, when streets are effectively laid out — with consideration to sidewalk width, paving, and yes, trees — you probably don’t think much about them. But when streets are less successfully planned (with, say, very narrow sidewalks, and few or no trees) you are sure to notice immediately. High business and home values are very closely associated with the presence of trees, along with a boatload of other advantages like reduced crime rates and improved psychological well-being.

What are you doing still reading this blog post? Get out there and celebrate your streets!

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