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Feeling a little dated.

Feeling a little dated.

When the Ray family bought the DeepRoot business in 1992, we only sold root barrierGeomembranes, and ArborGard. Over time, the focus of the business grew as Graham and Julian brought on ArborTie. The business grew some more – actually, a whole lot more – with the addition of the Silva Cell in 2006. As these changes kept piling up, and as we shifted and developed our expertise and focus, our logo began to feel like it no longer accurately reflected who we were as a company.

About a year ago, we decided that we needed a logo that felt true to who we are now. Developing the new look was a long, creative, meandering, occasionally-contentious-but-mostly-very-fun process that led us to where we are today. Which is here:

new deeproot logo


We love this new graphic because it represents not only the literal focus of our products and services, but also our philosophical approach to the urban forest as a whole. The color of the mark is almost sagey, signifying the blend of green (trees) and blue (water) that composes green infrastructure solutions. It’s playful – there’s a sort of back-of-the-napkin feel to the drawing that reflects the essentially design-driven approach of our industry. You’ll also notice that the logo is one continuous line: everything connected, part of the same fabric.

Over the coming weeks, you will be seeing some more changes, including an updated website that we’re very excited about. The new logo will start to appear more and more. It will take some time to switch all of our materials and collateral over to our new mark, so please bear with us as we make the transition. Even though it’s only halfway over, 2013 has been an exciting and full year – and there is no real end to the busy-ness in sight. This is a good problem to have. Everywhere we look, green infrastructure projects are gaining momentum and acceptance. We’re so pleased to have an updated look that reflects all of these changes at the company level. So, keep an eye out for this logo on more and more of our materials, and thanks for helping us officially welcome it to the fold.

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