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Flickr credit: Let Ideas Compete

Flickr credit: Let Ideas Compete

Here’s one thing we don’t talk about too much on this blog: the Silva Cell has completely changed how we do business. It used to be simple – we would supply our products to local distributors for resale. With the Silva Cell, however, the model is not so straightforward.

It’s a highly engineered, specialized product, and every site it’s used on has unique parameters and goals, which is why we supply it directly. We work directly with landscape architecture, architecture, design/build, engineering, and construction firms to understand and help meet their tree, soil, and stormwater goals. Plan reviews and on-site construction observation are provided for free.

Throughout this experience of fundamentally changing how we do business and what we offer, green infrastructure and sustainability have become specialties of ours. Now we’ve taken that a step further by creating a design support services arm – DeepRoot Urban Solutions – to help our partners achieve their green infrastructure goals using our technical knowledge and training on a consulting basis.

Design support services can help save time on projects under demanding deadlines, or simply be used as a resource for firms that are interested in green infrastructure solutions, but who don’t have in-house experts. Peter MacDonagh, ASLA, CSLA, is the Director of Science + Design for Deep Root Urban Solutions. He leads a team of specialists including hydrologists, water resource engineers, tree and soil design specialists, and LEED-accredited professionals, all trained in green infrastructure. Here’s a partial list of the services we offer.

Services for Designers

  • Complete landscape architecture design services
  • Custom Silva Cell layout plans and details
  • Analysis and recommendations of Designer’s Silva Cell plans and details
  • Soil volume analysis and recommendations
  • Planting design
  • Species selection


  • Complete stormwater design services
  • Silva Cell system design or consultation for use as a stormwater management tool
  • Stormwater modeling and related Silva Cell calculations
  • Stormwater monitoring and performance consultation

Services for Contractors

  • Contractor training and workshops


  • Shop Drawings
  • Review of project construction documents relating to Silva Cell design
  • Custom, site-specific layout and detailing of the Silva Cell system, based on project construction documents

We’ve already provided services on several Silva Cell projects (most haven’t been constructed, so we can’t reveal which… yet), which has been great fun. We’re here to help if you need or want it ([email protected] or 415-781-9700).

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