Big Tree, Little Tree

I’m going to start a new mini-featurette on the blog, which I’m calling “Big Tree, Little Tree.” Just side-by-side pictures of dramatically different-sized trees, highlighting the effect each creates on a streetscape. These were both taken in San Francisco’s Mission district. The little guy was in especially bad shape for at least one obvious reason.

Someone had “pruned” (?) the leader.

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  1. First of all don’t plant material like this. It’s a co-dominant tree and there’ll be always a double top. Double tops under 3/4 of the adult space will be always dangerous because of a wrong attachment. Buy and plant a tree with one heart stam. It’s cheaper in the future. Second: trees have to be planted with two treepoles at kneesheight. Bind the tree tightly during three years and you’ve a 30% more grow.
    Often there are a lot of more reasons why streettrees are in a bad shape. I suppose there is a bad circumstance in the underground.
    From the beginning this tree is doomed to fail.

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