Three Ways to See Silva Cell Installation Photos

Because we’re forever trying to keep things exciting for you, our dear readers, we try not to inundate you with too many Silva Cell installation photos. I know, our self-restraint is admirable. Still, even if we’re not shamelessly self-promoting ALL the time, new projects are happening constantly. We’ve had about 221 projects go in the ground over the last three and a half years — an average of over one installation per week. And if you want to see photos of them, there are several different ways to can peruse featured projects.

1. Facebook. We’re regularly updating our Facebook page with recent installation photos. Added bonus: you can see how pretty we are whenyou browse our other albums.

2. Flickr. Yep, the DeepRoot Flickr page is still alive and experiencing a recent resurgence in interest. Right now we have only a few sets here, but more are on their way. Add us as a contact to be automatically updated when we add new photos.

3. This blog. If social media is all too much for you, I do occasionally post several photos from recent installation here on the blog.

As always, for a complete listing of installations, visit our Google Map.

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