Minimizing the Effects of Salting on Urban Trees

In areas where it snows and freezes, salting is a frustrating reality of the road. Salt used for melting ice on pavements in northern climates is quite harmful to trees and soil. The most common and least expensive form of ice melting salt is sodium chloride, which is the same salt we put on our… More

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Friday Follies: Breakfast Loaf & Soil Biology

This zucchini and olive breakfast loaf is amazing, and dead easy. While zucchini is used as the base of the loaf, it doesn’t taste at all like zucchini or your average (sweet) zucchini bread. It is savory amazing-ness. Go make it immediately. And now to the main part of today’s program, a technical memorandum from… More

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Tree-Lined Streets Not Worth The Trouble… Er, What?

Every so often I’ll read a take on an important and relevant topic that means well, but just leaves me scratching my head. Such was the case with a recent article in Toronto’s The Star about planting street trees. Let’s start with the title, “Tree-Lined Streets Not Worth the Cost, Arborists Say” — eeeek!

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Trees Grow in Vanouver (Cars)

Back to laboring over here at Deep Root HQ. Mike James, of Deep Root Canada Corp., snapped this picture in Vancouver over the weekend. Looks like an group called the Stick Shift Project — “a collaborative act of urban transformation” — has taken the engines and other guts out of four cars and replaced them… More

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Friday Follies: Treegators & Stovetop Strawberry Dumplings

This stovetop strawberry dumpling is the perfect summer dessert. Admittedly, this is not the prettiest thing out there, but who cares how it looks when it tastes so incredible? It also takes about 20 minutes to make. I am a dedicated but extremely lazy cook, so anything with short prep and cook time means that… More

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