How to Draw Trees

I enjoyed drawing a lot when I was a kid. One problem I always had – and I’m sure this is not unique to me – is that my drawings always looked much prettier in my head than they did on paper. So for this slow, post-holiday Friday post, I wanted to share a video… More

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Is there a limit to how high water can be transported in a tube?

How Do Trees Transport Water To Such Great Heights?

Sure, you may already know the answer to the question of how trees transport water up to such incredible heights. But this video from Veritasium is still worth it. It explains principles I didn’t even realize existed (water can only rise about 10 meters when sucked through a tube?) and makes a very compelling case… More

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Video: Integrating Silva Cells & Utilities

Last month’s webinar by our Technical Director, Pat Greeley, on the topic of integrating Silva Cells and utilities was our best attended, ever, by far (far). We know how important this topic is, and the seminar was a great opportunity to share everything we’ve learned from the nearly 400 installations we’ve completed. 

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Video: See Soil Microfauna Up Close

Remember how exciting it was to use a microscope for the first time? I remember looking at our own hair in fifth grade (I went to a hippy dippy school where we could design many of our own experiments, and we were obsessed with the idea of conditioner causing “buildup,” which, is that even really… More

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Video: Where Do Trees Come From?

This video by Australian company Veritasium about how trees create their mass – trunks, branches, so on – was originally linked to by NPR-crush Robert Krulwich. Would it be too embarrassing to admit that I learned something from it?

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What is the Silva Cell, and how does it work?

What Is the Silva Cell, and How Does It Work?

After a very (very) long time in production, we finally have a new video that explains – in just two minutes – what exactly the Silva Cell is, and how it can help you grow mature trees and manage stormwater at source. 

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Lecture Doodle: Why Not More Trees?

I love time lapse video, and this video, “Why Trees?” from Alabama Cooperative Extension (Alabama A & M and Auburn Universities) features the incredible freehand drawings of Art Director Bruce DuPree as it persuades us to fully recognize for the many, many, many benefits of trees.

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