An Open Letter to the Complete Streets Movement

A large-canopy tree is a very beautiful thing. On this, most people will agree. But is not only beautiful—it also benefits its community. It provides shade and shelter, protects air quality, and reduces air temperatures, water runoff, and human stress. A street lined with such trees is a desirable place to live and work, and… More

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Philadelphia’s Complete Streets Handbook: Stronger Treatment of Green Infrastructure Needed

Philadelphia has received a great deal of praise for its commitment to using green infrastructure techniques and its 25-year Green City, Clean Waters plan “to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure.” But the city’s draft Complete Streets Handbook, released by the Street Department and Mayor’s Office of Transportation and… More

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Seattle’s Urban Forest Stewardship Plan: 3 Action Items Worth Noting

In August, Seattle released their Urban Forest Stewardship Plan, the first comprehensive update to the previous Urban Forest Management Plan (2007) that set the goal of increasing Seattle’s tree canopy cover to 30 percent by 2037. The 2013 Plan is broken up in six sections: guiding principles and integrated approach, the importance of Seattle’s urban… More

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New Zealand’s Ultra-Comprehensive Report on Bioretention Media

I spent a good part of last winter completing a  literature review on bioretention media for a revision to the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. So when I attended the Low Impact Development (LID) conference in St. Paul, MN earlier this month, I was very interested to learn of a recent specification coming out of New Zealand:… More

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Tigard, OR Sets Soil Volume Minimum for Street Trees

We recently learned that Tigard, OR, a town of about 48,000 people that is part of the Portland metro area, has implemented an impressive soil volume minimum for trees planted in streets and parking lots: up to 1,000 cubic feet of soil per tree.

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Seeing the Forest for the TreesTD Green Streets: Actions, Ideas, and Engagement

This article is the first of a series that aims to plant innovative, inspiring, and actionable seeds in the realms of community-building, art, and arboriculture. These seeds will be planted by providing readers with information on funding programs and opportunities for environmental projects alongside discussion of related concepts/projects in contemporary art. What will grow exactly… More

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Montgomery County street tree

Bill to Protect Tree Canopy Passes in Montgomery County, MD

An exciting thing happened on July 23rd in Montgomery County, MD: Bill 35-12, which requires builders to replace trees that are cut down or disturbed during development as well as planting new trees on sites where they may never have existed in the first place, was unanimously passed.

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