(Some) Nurseries Talk Back about Tree Root Quality

This summer we surveyed arborists and designers about the issues they encountered buying trees free from uncorrectable root defects. We published the results of that survey on this blog. To review: nursery-grown trees, especially those in containers, can have root defects such as girdling, circling and diving roots which contribute to tree health problems or… More

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Introducing Remarkable Objects

Last month I wrote about the news that DeepRoot was starting a podcast called “Remarkable Objects” about the intersection of nature and urban design. Today, I’m thrilled to to share that our trailer is out.

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New York City street

The Sidewalk Gray Zone

As landscape architects, we are often under the impression that because we love urban trees and seeing new trees planted, that everyone around us will love these plantings as well. Some city dwellers do in fact welcome trees with great excitement, but others may see the trees as an intrusion of their private space or… More

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Tree Observation for Non-Professionals

A few weeks ago we published a post about 13 steps to evaluate trees. It was written by a longtime contributor to this blog, Peter MacDonagh, who is an arborist, horticulturalist, adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota, and Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Some people in our community took issue with… More

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New Research on the Impact of Trees on the Urban Heat Island Effect

Today I had the privilege of talking to Austin Troy, Professor and Chair of the Department of Planning and Design at the University of Colorado Denver. He recently presented preliminary results of his research on “The Effect of Urban Tree Canopy on Microclimate and Heat Islands” in a webinar and I was interested in learning… More

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14 Reasons to Invest in Living Green Infrastructure

After years of neglect, infrastructure is again being discussed as a major priority for public investment in many jurisdictions. Ontario’s new Climate Change Strategy calls for the building of green infrastructure, among other things, to help us mitigate and adapt to climate change. In the past, public investments have largely been directed to only grey… More

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The Urban Forest as an Asset Class

We all know that street trees have value; you frequently hear statistics about how much energy savings they offer, or how much they add to the selling price of a home. And in some cases, for example with heritage trees or in environmentally sensitive areas, trees are identified as assets for planning and permitting purposes…. More

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Cool Gray City of Trees Interview with Mei Ling Hui

Mei Ling Hui has been with San Francisco’s Department of Environment since 2007, first as the Urban Forestry and, more recently, the Agriculture Coordinator. Along with her main role in those programs, she provides support to the Climate, Environmental Justice, and Toxics Programs, serving at the intersection of many public stakeholders. She provides staff support to… More

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Howard Street trees in 2016

Multi-Agency Green Infrastructure Streetscape Silva Cell Case Study

Red Rose Forest is an environmental charity working to transform Greater Manchester into “a greener, healthier and more satisfying place to live work and invest.” When Pete Stringer, Special Projects Manager for Red Rose Forest, wanted to deliver a tree planting project that could demonstrate and quantify how trees could help to managing surface water… More

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