The Best News in Trees and Green Infrastructure

I read a lot about trees, soil, and stormwater – our green infrastructure trifecta. While I already have more than I keep up with, I’m always looking for more and better outlets that are talking about the type of news that is most relevant to us.

Here are some of  my favorites.

The Garden Professors: I love this blog, which is written by plant science nerds at Washington State University Extension. Extremely readable, funny, and inquisitive topics and posts. I read pretty much everything they put up.

Loose Leaf: This is the blog of American Forests. Their posts are usually more policy-oriented, and they also do great, brief overviews of natural history. I also enjoy the name pun (I love school supplies).

The Atlantic Cities: This offshoot of the more famous The Atlantic is specifically focused on urban topics. While much of the content doesn’t specifically relate to green infrastructure, it provides short, interesting articles about many different aspects of city living.

International Society of Arboriculture Arborviews: The ISA has a number of different blog feeds that you can subscribe to. This one is for their podcasts, which are short and often quite entertaining. I always learn something.

Vertical Response Marketing: This is not a tree blog, obviously. But VR specializes in catering to small businesses, which is what we are. Their short, clear posts have great suggestions about how to communicate better about your business. If you’re a small organization, I definitely recommend them.

Also, LinkedIn’s groups, somewhat to my surprise, have many interesting discussions happening in them. I’m thinking of the Urban Forestry and International Society of Arboriculture groups specifically, but there are many more as well. Great resources for debate, discussion, and general inquiry.

So, quid pro quo, readers. What are your favorite news sources about trees and soil? Let me know in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

Image: Romana Klee

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