Help Please! Advice About My Urban Bird Feeder

Switching gears here for a sec — it being Friday and all — I really need advice about getting birds to come to my window-mounted bird feeder.

I like birds, but the original impetus for getting a bird feeder was actually my cat. My indolent roly poly indoor kitty really needed some mental stimulation during the day when I’m away at work, so I bought this feeder (which came highly recommended by one of my friends). I stocked it with birdsong food — sunflower seeds and more — as well as high-quality treats like peanuts and even suet (bleh).

So what happened?

Let me tell you what didn’t happen: birds coming to the feeder. NOT ONE SINGLE bird has come here. And it’s been up for months! It’s awful; I feel like the universe hates me. I have even piped birdsong out of the window to try to entice them over. Most recently, I bought a fake goldfinch (from a company called, chillingly, “Touch of Nature”) to attach to the feeder and use as a decoy. Even if they don’t think it’s another bird, perhaps the birds will come over just to investigate what the weird creature is.

Readers, I appeal to you. I hear birds out on the street, so I know they’re there. What else can I do to get birds to come to my feeder? 

Images: Duncraft and Leda Marritz


  1. Ricky

    Do you know what types of birds are out side? Lots of birds won’t eat from a feeder. I like the feeder you have. I might get one myself!

    • Leda Marritz

      Since posting this question, birds have actually started coming to the feeder ALL THE TIME. It’s great! Mostly finches, with a few chickadees and mourning doves (who have to squish themselves in to fit). I’ve been very happy with this feeder – super durable and easy to use.

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