Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative Includes Silva Cells

Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative was just released, and it looks fantastic. The initiative details the following goals for trees in the Baltimore Harbor area: Increase soil rooting areas, improve overall tree health, provide more wildlife habitats, increase tree canopy and shading, reduce heat island effect and increase landscape stormwater management capacity. I’m especially happy that they… More

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More And More Cities Imposing Stormwater Fees

We keep reading more and more articles about the increasing attention paid to the costs (environmental and financial) of effective stormwater management. As the cost of stormwater management rises due to stricter regulations and pre-existing budget gaps, many municipalities are proposing implementing a stormwater fee system based on how much rainwater is chanelled off a… More

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Jeremy Barrell Endorses Silva Cells as a Green Solution For Car Parks

Jeremy Barrell, managing director at the Barrell Tree Consultancy, wrote in last week’s Horticulture Week about methods for greening car parks — including the Silva Cell. Car parks (that’s a parking lot, for those of you stateside readers) are some of the toughest areas to integrate green infrastructure because the vast expanse of impervious surface must always… More

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FAQs: Silva Cells & On-Site Stormwater Management

While the Silva Cell system can be optimized for tree growth or stormwater management alone, ideally we try to promote both simultaneously. Our standard details lay out the basics, but there are still some questions about just how the Silva Cell functions on sites where it is serving as an integrated tree and stormwater management system…. More

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