Silva Cell Allows for Efficient Soil Filling: Saving Time and Cost

The installation experience with Silva Cells is the most efficient on the market. Part of what makes the installation process straightforward, smooth, and easy is how our contractor partners fill the Silva Cells with soil.

The Silva Cell was designed with ease of construction in mind, keeping the needs of the tree in the forefront. Real soil is what trees need, and the Silva Cell is unique in its ability to deliver any kind of soil to the system. We truly mean any soil. The most energy-efficient and “green” soil may be the existing site soil, if it suits the tree’s needs, great. If the site demands something else, that’s not a problem. We leave it to the local knowledge of what is best for the site. The beauty of the Silva Cell system is that soil can be loaded in large amounts quickly, no sweeping and no brushing. But don’t take our word for it – here’s some recent feedback from contractors that says it all.

Here are some of the testimonials

“The system is easy to use and straight forward.”- Francesco Trimboli, The Downsville Group

Dundas & Auckland Project, Contractor name: The Downsview Group, DeepRoot contact: Mark Adamaley ([email protected])

“This was our first time installing DeepRoot’s system and we found that Mark and his team were very helpful in providing us with direction and instructions on how to install the system properly and efficiently.  Once we were able to get a good routine in order with equipment and site staff, it went very smoothly and was very easy to install. Using the strongbacks to lock everything into place while packing the topsoil inside the system and the fill outside the system worked very well and allowed us to remove them and install the next tiers or final tops with ease and no movement in the system.”-Morningside Project Memme Staff

Morningside Road Widening, Toronto, Canada, Contractor name: Memme, DeepRoot contact Mark Adamaley ([email protected])

“1 Hotel West Hollywood retrofitted with green infrastructure such as Silva Cells providing underground bioretention; capturing and treating sheet runoff that naturally irrigates the trees (Tipuana Tipu) above ground to uptake nutrients within raised beds in the plaza area in the City of West Hollywood. Easy installation; convenient soil filling; light-touch walk-through compaction offering cost and performance benefits” – Pavitra Rammohan

“Modular nature of Silva Cells allowed for easy installation and integration with adjacent underground utilities. Direct soil filling into the cells followed by light touch walk-through compaction enabled our team to move fast with cost and performance benefits.” – Gus Assi, Lead Contractor with Tri Group Construction and Development

Camino Del Mar Streetscape Enhancement Project, Del Mar, California  Contractor: Tri Group Construction, DeepRoot contact Pavitra Rammohan ([email protected])

“Installing the planting soil in the Silva Cells was simple. The open structure at the top made it easy to place the soil in lifts. The crew was able to walk through the cells to move the soil around and tamp it down. The whole installation process went faster than expected.”- Jordon Enns, Everlast Construction

Rivergreen Village Waterfront Park Phase 2, Richmond, Canada, Contractor: Everlast Construction, DeepRoot contact Mike James ([email protected])

“Given the specs for 8” lifts, filling the cells to the depth of 31” is a process of layering both inside and outside the system. With the open structure of the silva cell, compacting the planting soil or fill to the required tolerances is easy. This is true regardless of the configuration. We installed cells, along streets, in rain gardens, in plazas and on structure. No matter where it’s done, it’s the same quick method.” – Joe Umana, Site Superintendent

1271 Avenue of the Americas; Riverside Center Buildings 2 and 5 and Riverside Center Open Space, NYC, Contractor: Harder Services  DeepRoot contact Al Key ([email protected])

“Installing the Silva Cell is very simple and straightforward, there really is nothing to it. The supply and on-site installation support we were given was invaluable, we would happily install the Silva Cells in future projects.” – Chris Wright, GPL

Quays Gateway, Salford, UK, Contractor: GPL, DeepRoot contact Steve Chatwin-Grindley ([email protected]).

“I think in general the loading of soil is one of the most rewarding and straightforward parts of the installation, while we might fall behind in terms of the time it takes to sometimes layout and geogrid the cells. As long as they are not having to track too far to get the soil, we really start to get things moving when the soil starts to be loaded into the cells. Any contractor that has installed instantly understands the advantages of installing soil in the Silva Cells and this has been commented on many times on site.” – Steve Chawin-Grindey

“In maximizing the soil volume per tree whilst providing suitable load-bearing capacity, we are confident that we are giving the trees the best possible chance to thrive in this urban environment. DeepRoot’s design service allowed us to overcome complex constraints such as existing utilities, new surface water drainage systems and dealing with trees on such a large scale.” – James Gordon, Senior Landscape Architect, Sunderland City Council

St. Mary’s Way, Sunderland, UK, Contractor: Balfour Beatty Engineering, DeepRoot contact Steve Chatwin-Grindley ([email protected]).

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