DeepRoot’s COVID-19 response

Like all companies, we have been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been touched both personally and professionally, and our thoughts are with everyone who has lost a loved one or is suffering from severe economic stress due to a lost job. As a company we are focused on the health and well-being of our team and our customers. We have been working from home for the past several weeks and becoming very familiar with the intermittent interruptions from children, pets and deliveries.

At DeepRoot we have invested heavily in local production, our supply chain is intact, and we can maintain production as needed. We have been supplying a number of projects that have been deemed essential and are still proceeding. We have ample inventory and are not experiencing any shipment delays at this time, so please continue to call on us for your projects with the confidence that we can meet your needs and deadlines.

Our full team is intact and ready to work with all of your project needs, from technical application questions to providing detailed Silva Cell layouts, shop drawings or Stormwater Sizing tools.

One area of our business that has been impacted is the onsite installation support that is a cornerstone of the commitment to the success of every Silva Cell project. With the numerous shelter in place orders, and a commitment to the health and welfare of our employees and customers, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend onsite Silva Cell installation support.

However, we are able to provide remote services and our Director of Technical Services, Pat Greeley, is ready to arrange a project specific teleconference. Pat will review all steps of the Silva Cell installation process, including a review of the relevant project drawing so no unique details are missed. During construction Pat and his technical team are available by phone and email to answer questions that arise. You are also encouraged to send photos of your installation as it progresses, so we can review the work being done and advise as needed. Please see Pat’s contact details below to connect with him and his team.

Pat Greeley, Director of Technical Services
[email protected]
Tel: 612.840.9004

During this difficult time, we are focused on making sure our team and customers are safe and healthy, and supporting the needs of our communities to help stop the spread of the virus. We give our deepest gratitude and thanks to those physicians, nurses and essential workers who are helping everyone through this pandemic, and we know that together we will get through this crisis and look forward to the better days ahead.

Graham Ray

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