Three UK Silva Cell Installations Last Week!

Steve Chatwin-Grindey, our dapper man on the ground in the U.K., has had a particularly busy, um… six months (at least). And he was at three separate Silva Cell installations last week alone!

Let’s see which, shall we?

Lidl Store (New Milton)

Designed by lhc in collaboration with the New Forest District Council and installed by HTS Construction Limited, this project was installed in a car park to grow mature trees and manage stormwater on-site.

This site has a lot of activity going on as they are getting close to the scheduled opening date of the store in November. While we can often use native soils in Silva Cell installations, in this case much of the soil had to be removed because it had been contaminated from a petrol station that was previously on this site.

The installation is progressing nicely so far. Since this site is designed to manage some of the stormwater runoff, the contractors still have some drainage work to finish and before connecting it to the Cell system.

New North London Synagogue (North London)

Designed by Churchman Landscape Architects and installed by Blue Sword Construction, this tree installation is progressing well. Space is tight as the Cells are being placed within a closed courtyard. The crew could only get the arm of the bucket a small distance through the passageway, so the guys were carrying all the backfill material around the far side of the Cells by hand in buckets. Four utility conduits will run through the Cells.

Burwell Road (Stevenage)

Designed by the Stevenage Borough Council and installed by RWH Construction Limited, this is a fairly straightforward streetscape application of a single layer of Silva Cells. By the end of Day 1 of the installation the soil had been placed in the system and the decks had been attached in one section.

You can purchase the Silva Cells from Geosynthetics Ltd.

Phew! I think we may owe Steve a fancy dinner after such an exhausting week.


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