The Best Street Trees: Reader Edition Results!

Last week I asked you your opinion on the cities with the best street trees (national & international) as well as your favorite tree species.

This week, the results!

The votes for cities with the best street trees in North America went to…

1) New York, NY and Vancouver, BC (both with 36.4%)
2) Portland, OR (27.3%)
3) Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL (18.2%)

The votes for the cities with the best street trees internationally went to…

1) Paris, by a landslide (43%, the rest of the votes were split)

And the votes for your favorite species went to…

1) Gingko, also by a landslide (52%)
2) London plane (24%)
3) Cherry and Honeylocust (both 16%)

So, was justice served? Or have the people spoken wrongly? Let us know in the Comments.

Image: pkrtkn

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