Lincoln Center Urban Trees Thriving After 1.5 Years

One of the lesser-known applications for the Silva Cell is what we call “on-structure” — in other words, built on a pre-existing structure, such as a roof or balcony. In the case of the Lincoln Center Barclay Capital Grove, the Silva Cells are being used to grow a thriving bosque of trees on top of a parking garage in New York City (see our website for the full case study).

This installation occurred in April 2009, and here’s what the trees look like a little over a year later:

Going gangbusters!

As always, the trees (OK, and the chairs!) are a natural attraction for pedestrians looking to take a load off and relax.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the photos from this installation:

The site before construction

Installed Silva Cell frame and decks awaiting the trees.

And here come the trees!



We will be talking about this project and others during out GreenBuild presentation, “A Forest Runs Through It: International Overview of Innovative Case Studies That Show The Range and Magnitude of Benefits Possible With Urban Trees.”

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