Friday Follies: Will This Tree Make Me Fat?

First off, I have to share some good news.

Friday Follies the blog feature: 2
Friday Follies the original (tasty treats in the office): 1

Tasty treats are here! (BTW, the picture above is for blueberry cornbread skillet cake.)

But, moving on to the business of the day:

I just read about these nifty tree nutrition labels, example above, from the Urban Natural Resources Institute.

These labels are part of a new public awareness campaign to educate the public about the significance of trees as ecosystem services providers. The campaign, a group effort by The USDA Forest Service Urban Natural Resources Institute (UNRI), the University of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Town of Amherst, MA, modeled the effort on the ubiquitous nutrition labels that can be found on all food items to make them immediately recognizable.

The labels are populated with information calculated by i-Tree Streets software tools and the Casey Trees Tree Benefits Calculator. 40 trees were initially surveyed and assessed, and their nutrition labels were printed and hung on them for the Amherst Sustainability Festival (wow, never heard of that one!). UNRI and their partner organizations are hoping that communities making similar efforts to showcase their trees will want to do something similar (for those that do, contact Dave Bloniarz).

These are very snazzy, and I tip my hat to whomever came up with this idea.

Now, please pass the blueberry cornbread skillet cake.

(Cornbread image from Chiot’s Run)


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