Deep Root’s Legacy Products: What Is ArborTie?

Root Barriers, Geomembranes… what is missing from the Deep Root Legacy Products suite? Ah yes, ArborTie.

All of our ArborTie products — regular ol’ webbing, complete kits, and bulk stakes and anchors — are to help support young trees as they grow and develop trunk strength.  And, like all of our other products, ArborTie doesn’t come in just one flavor (tasty).

The webbing comes in two types: green (900 lbs/408 kg tensile strength) and white (2,500 lbs./1,134 kg tensile strength). ArborTie is woven so that it won’t unravel easily once it’s cut, and it’s smooth so that (when properly tied with an ArborKnot) it will simply expand with the growing tree rather than girdling it like traditional wire and hose.

The staking and anchoring kits are all-in-one packages that include three lengths of ArborTie Green and three stakes or anchors for anchoring trees up to 6″ (15 cm) in caliper.

And the bulk anchors kind of speak for themselves — sturdy and reusable tools for all (yes, ALL) of your staking and guying needs.

FAQs and Case Studies are available on our website if you’re like to learn more!

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