Create a Silva Cell Stormwater Management Plan with HydroCAD!

By Sarah K. Faiks, RLA, LEED-AP

Here at DeepRoot we’re very pleased to announce a new partnership with HydroCAD that will allow design professionals to easily model Silva Cells as a part of their overall stormwater management plan.

Peter Smart, developer and CEO of HydroCAD, was instrumental in creating a simple and accurate method of modeling Silva Cells for stormwater, which resulted in a pre-defined chamber wizard named DeepRoot Silva Cell. Simply select the definition for a 1, 2, or 3-deep system in the drop-down menu and specify the total number of Silva Cells. The Silva Cell chamber wizard will automatically factor in the 20% void space in the bioretention media along with the 1” (2.5 cm) minimum required spacing between the Silva Cells. In just a few minutes, a design professional will be on their way to understanding how using Silva Cells on their projects supports theirstormwater management goals.

This partnership with HydroCAD is another way we aim to demonstrate our commitment to quality stormwater management and continue to provide quality services to our clients.

A sample model on the HydroCAD site depicts Silva Cells used in conjunction with porous pavement and an overflow pipe. Please visit HydroCAD’s supported product site to find out more information regarding stormwater modeling and the Silva Cell


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