Chart Philly’s Projects & Progress on the Big Green Map

Philly’s awesome green infrastructure plan now has an accompanying Big Green Map from the Philadelphia Water Department. 

The Philadelphia Water Department has completed or is in the process of designing:

  • 91 Stormwater tree trenches
  • 24 Rain gardens
  • 12 Porous paving projects
  • 9 Swales
  • 7 Stormwater planters
  • 33 Downspout planters
  • 9 Stormwater bumpouts
  • 6 Infiltration/storage trenches
  • 3 Stormwater wetlands
  • 1 Stormwater basin

You can use this map to toggle between the different green infrastructure stormwater projects throughout the city. Click on the dots to find the names of the project and their status.

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