Fourth Week of April is National Streetscaping Week

National what-scaping week, you ask? The American Society of Landscape Architects is reporting that Congressman Steve Cohen (TN) has introduced H.Con.Res. 240, a resolution designating the fourth week of April as National Streetscaping Week. ASLA collaborated with Congressman Cohen to draft this measure, which seeks to recognize “the benefits of streetscaping to homes, businesses, and communities across… More

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Nifty Visualization Shows Better Streets — With Trees!

This nifty little article from Grist showcases the efforts of Berkeley-based digital artist Steve Price, whose work powerfully demonstrates the dramatic improvements large, healthy trees make to your average desolate streetscape. Grist reports that Price’s firm, Urban Architecture, “builds ‘photo-realistic visualizations’… for developers, design firms, and local governemnts seeking approval for their ideas.” What a… More

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Amateur Arborists, Behold: iPhone “Trees Near You” App

Good blog reported yesterday on a very neat iPhone application called “Trees Near You.” “Trees Near You,” created by Brett Camper, allows you to identify and learn more about the half a million or so trees in New York City as you walk around. The app covers all city blocks and all five boroughs, and… More

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Why Are These 40 Year Old Trees Such Different Sizes?

This picture here is just one example of what we’re all about at DeepRoot. (Apologies for the car right in the middle of the photo — I swear, we are not all about minivans). This picture was taken in February 2010 in Milton Keynes, UK. Both trees, which we believe are chestnuts, were planted at… More

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