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Kamloops BC

Resource or Hazard? Design Implications for Stemflow from Urban Trees

We’ve all taken shelter under a tree’s canopy during a storm, grateful for its ability to intercept rain. You may not realize this, but rainwater that passes through tree canopies is modified both volumetrically and chemically in processes that have been relatively well studied in forests. That modification, which encompasses several different components, is what... More
Denver 16th Street Mall

Denver’s 16th Street Mall: Custom Suspended Pavement System Turns 32

In anticipation of the American Society of Landscape Architects tradeshow later this week, today we’re highlighting an iconic tree planting project using suspended pavement – including archival photos and original section details – that took place in Denver in the early 1980s: the 16th Street Mall. -LM Denver has long been a place of significance in the... More
1 Tree canopy

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Resources for Tree Professionals About Bird Safety

The sound of birds in trees is so ubiquitous we may not think about the strong connections these organisms have with one another. Birds need urban trees for food, nesting and protection. Those who work with trees may not be aware that certain tree pruning activities can endanger nests and remove habitat for our feathered... More
Tree on St. Charles Street in New Orleans, LA

Top 10 Takeaways: Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference

Last month we shared a “Top 10 Takeaways” blog post about the International Society of Arboriculture conference. Today we’re sharing the Top 10s – well, actually, Top 6 – of the WEFTEC conference, held in New Orleans, LA from September 27th to October 1st. As before, this list is compiled by L. Peter MacDonagh, FASLA, and... More
i-Tree Case Study

A Case Study in Using i-Tree on a Regional Scale

So you want to understand your urban forest better. Maybe it’s that you want to make the business case for its value, or understand where your tree canopy is strong and where it could still use work to help guide policy or budget decisions. In part 1 of this series, I gave a cursory overview... More

“Every city has a heart, and this is ours”
Mississauga Civic Square Silva Cell Case Study

Mississauga Civic Centre is a 37,280 square meter complex that houses the Mississauga City Hall, a towering monument of post-modern architecture designed by Edward Jones and Michael Kirkland that opened in 1987. Although it received numerous accolades, the surrounding campus and Civic Square suffered from mid-century design perspectives on public spaces, catering toward keeping people... More
Non-point source pollution_Runoff_of_soil_&_fertilizer

What’s the Point of Non-Point?

Question: What does “non-point source pollution” mean? Answer: What’s the point of non-point? The point is clear once we realize we’re talking about pollution. Non-point source pollutants are water contaminants that don’t come from a pipe, well, construction site, or any other well-defined, specific source. They come from a diffuse source of contamination originating in... More
The Most Important Factor for Growing Healthy Trees_Tim Scott

The Most Important Factor for Growing Healthy Trees

Many factors affect tree health. Are they all equally important or are some more important than others? According to Kim Coder, soil compaction is by far the biggest constraint on tree growth. In a 2007 paper, he wrote, “Soil compaction is the most prevalent of all soil constraints on shade and street tree growth…Many people become obsessed... More
Recycled plastic, virgin plastic, and everything in between

Virgin Plastic, Recycled Plastic, and Everything In Between

In an era when there is a tremendous amount of focus on sustainability and renewable resources, it is hard to understand why any product might be made with virgin plastics. Today I want to write about recycling and re-use, and explain why for certain products  and applications virgin material can be the better choice. What... More
How wide do tree roots spread_Threthny

How Wide Do Tree Roots Spread?

“Most tree roots…occupy an area two to four times the diameter of the crown.” – Colorado State University Extension “Roots may occupy an area four to seven times the surface area occupied by the crown of the tree.” – Iowa State University Forestry Extension “While one rule of limb has been that a tree’s roots are one... More