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Person Street Innovative Stormwater Greenscape
Silva Cell Case Study

In early 2016, Fayetteville, a city in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina, began construction on its first green street. The $1.2 million project, born out of partnership between the City of Fayetteville and North Carolina State University’s Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, was funded in part by a grant from the Clean... More

Silva Cell Stormwater Sizing Guidelines

In dense urban areas, implementing stormwater management systems large enough to support healthy trees can be challenging given the multitude of street uses and the high volume of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic. One option for providing stormwater control without impacting competing surface needs is using a suspended pavement system like Silva Cell. Solutions like... More

Nursery Inspections: The inspection process below ground

In Part One of this blog we set the stage to select quality trees by starting with a good specification, working within the normal project submittal process, and resetting our expectation of what constitutes a good quality tree. The requirements for inspecting the parts of the tree aboveground were reviewed. For the inspection of the... More

Nursery Inspections: Creating and enforcing plant quality specifications

Many trees purchased from nurseries may have significant defects that can reduce the useful life of the tree. This isn’t just speculation; there is good evidence that large segments of the nursery industry are supplying defective plants. Brian Kane at the Urban Tree Foundation and Ed Gilman at the University of Florida, both respected researchers... More

Design and Implementation Lessons from PARK(ing) Day

When I signed up to help design and build a parklet for this year’s PARK(ing) Day event with my local American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) chapter, I knew it would be a lot of work – but had no idea just how intense the dozens of hours of work designing and then installing it... More

Leveraging the Outdoors in Workplace Design

Today’s workplaces are a notable departure from those of the cubicle-filled past. With a better understanding of how design affects the mind, forward-thinking companies have rethought florescent lights, desk partitions, and separate departments, opting for natural light and flexible work zones to support creativity, focus, and teamwork. As companies strive to keep a competitive edge,... More

Trees and Edge Protection: The use of tree fences in the urban environment

Have you ever had someone step on your foot? It hurts, right? Your foot has lots of little bones that are sensitive just like a tree has roots. Cities are considering ways to protect those tree roots and allow space for seasonal plantings that add vibrancy to downtown and mixed-use areas. There are a variety... More
Trees in Normal, IL

Running to Stand Still: Predicting benefits for replacement tree plantings

When an urban site is developed, existing mature trees are often removed to facilitate construction. After the building is up, “replacement” trees are often planted, depending on local ordinances. Will these trees actually make up for what is lost? Certainly not at first. Studies show that trees can take 26 to 40 years to become... More

Planning for Successful Street Trees in Arid Climates

Planting trees and other large plant material in built-up urban areas in arid climates is always a challenge. More often than not, the constraints are numerous and the opportunities are few.  When a project is initially conceived, consideration must be given to all constraints, long before preliminary design plans begin. By developing a realistic plan... More

Historic Courthouse Square Redesign

Santa Rosa’s downtown square reunification integrates stormwater management and the planting of 86 new trees. The Santa Rosa Courthouse reunification is a long-awaited project to restore the city’s downtown square to its original layout, changing it from a space split in half by a four lane road to one continuous 1.5 acre site. The plaza... More