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Quantifying Stormwater Benefits of Trees and Soil
Part 3: Continuous Stormwater Models

Having started with the simplest ways to quantify stormwater benefits of Tree Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs), we now arrive at the most complex ways. Part 1 of this series provided an overview of various ways to quantify stormwater benefits of Tree Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs), and gave an overview of tree benefits calculators and stormwater... More
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Which Planting Solution is Best for Trees?
Bartlett Lab Field Trials

Landscape architects have been designing options to improve rooting conditions for urban trees for decades. In that time, many ideas have been developed, with varying costs (for the clients) and outcomes (for the trees and the site at large). In summer 2015, Dr. Tom Smiley with Bartlett Tree Laboratories began a research study that is... More
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Inspiring the Next Generation
Interview with Russell Horsey

Russell Horsey is the Development Director at the Institute of Chartered Foresters in the United Kingdom. Prior to joining the Institute, Russell was Senior Arboricultural Officer (similar to Head Urban Forester in a U.S. city) for the City of Bristol, England. He is a graduate of the Universities of Brighton, UK, and gained a Masters... More
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LEED and SITES: The Changing Landscape

A few years ago I wrote an article about how LEED v4 addressed designing for trees, soils, and stormwater (green infrastructure).  Two big things have changed since then, so a follow-up explaining what’s new in this sustainable building certification system is in order: Project registration for LEED v2009 was extended by two years – by... More
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Phoenix, AZ’s Once and Future Forest

Richard Adkins, the Forestry Supervisor for the city of Phoenix, Arizona, likes to joke that despite the perception, Phoenix actually does have an Urban Forest. I met Richard when we were both speakers this past August at the American Public Works Association (APWA). He spoke to me about Phoenix’s current urban forest and some of... More
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Success Factors For Civilian Urban Tree Care

A natural forest depends on a variety of partnerships between plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms. An urban forest depends on a similarly complex series of partnerships, albeit mostly between humans. Many biological factors affect the survival of an urban tree. I want to compare two studies involving community forestry programs about young urban tree establishment... More
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Smart Tree Care and Maintenance
Lessons from other cities

In part one of this post, I gave my recommendations for how to address tree maintenance needs in a smarter and more financially (and ecologically) sustainable way. Those recommendations are great, but also general. I think we benefit the most when we share as much specific information about implementing ideas as possible, so today I... More
Forests and the earth's biomes

How Does Soil Differ Across Earth’s Biomes?

Ecologists group large geographic regions with similar environments and distinctive plant and animal communities into biomes. The environmental factors influencing biomes include latitude, the general climate and topography of the region, and soil. Soil is the foundation of every terrestrial ecosystem. Each biome has soils with characteristics unique to it. 
Queens Quay finished

From Busy Roadway to Pedestrian Promenade
Silva Cell Case Study

The revitalization of Queens Quay, Toronto’s main waterfront street, stretches over 1.7km between Spadina Avenue and Bay Street. Before the recent reconstruction, the street was defined by four lanes of vehicle traffic with narrow sidewalks, and outdated public transit facilities. Dominated by delivery vehicles and used primarily as a loading zone and for the businesses... More
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Rethinking Maintenance of Urban Trees

If you’re a municipal arborist, you probably got into the field of tree care because you love working with trees and you could make a modest living. You know that that in cities maintenance is the only way that trees get large – and that size matters when we talk about the kind of ecosystem... More