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    • Hi Todd, for in-person Up By Roots seminars, you should check the ISA’s website. For the webinars that we offer with Jim Urban as a speaker, we should have one in the first quarter on this year. I see that you are already on our mailing list, so you will receive an email notification as soon as one has been scheduled!

  1. I work for a major public garden and we are planning an exhibit about roots. Is there a way to contact Mr. Urban as to the potential of a public lecture?

  2. Thanks heaps for a fantastic website. A very useful resource. I would like to reproduce the article you have written called Soil Organic Matter on my site: is that possible? if I make sure to clearly reference you? All the best and thank you Mara Ripani, Melbourne, Australia.

    • Hi Mara, thanks for your interest. You are welcome to reprint the article about soil organic matter. Please make sure to note who it is by, that it was published by DeepRoot, and to provide a link that to the original blog post. Thank you!

  3. Hi Jim,

    I’m a bit confused about bamboo barriers – in a newly bought house there’s beautiful Phyllostachys aurea about 30′ tall, planted in a rectangular area, 3 feet from the concrete foundation of the house. The bamboo bed is a rectangle. 20′ x 5′ and it’s just starting to escape (it’s pushing up bluestone on the non-house side. the long part of the rectangle is along the front of the house) from an inadequate wooden perimeter rim 4″ tall that was installed when it was planted in 2003.

    Also 3 years ago the owners planted some Phyllostachys nigra which they had in a pot and it’s just started pushing up canes up to 3′ from the pot. It’s about 4′ tall max, still a baby – nice though. I am relandscaping the area with railroad ties and want to put HDPE black plastic bamboo barrier around it all.

    I’m tempted by the 40mil 36″ deep. I’m in Lexington, MA zone 5a. goes down to -20c -5F max. hot humid summers. Last frost about May, first one about October.

    Do you think this is a good choice?

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for writing. (This is DeepRoot, not Jim, responding by the way). We typically specify the 24/40 for conditions like the one you describe, but every site is specific, and we’re not super familiar with that bamboo.
      I think that one of our distributors could help; I recommend Burton’s Bamboo Garden (513-899-3446).

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